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Trademark 'V' owned by 'Latham, Charles W Jr'

This website page for the V brand registered by Latham, Charles W Jr.

On 2016-10-01 a trademark application was filed with IP Australia by Latham, Charles W Jr. On application IP Australia assigned number 87190524. As at the last database update (on 2017-08-17) the status of this trademark application was FINAL REFUSAL - MAILED.

If you would like further information regarding goods and services associated the V brand or goods and/or services supplied by Latham, Charles W Jr, please contact them directly.
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The mark consists of letter "v" with extended points.
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    Clothing, footwear, headgear.
    adhesive bras; after ski boots; anglers' shoes; ankle boots; ankle socks; anklets; anti-perspirant socks; anti-sweat underclothing; apres-ski shoes; athletic footwear; athletic pants; athletic shirts; athletic shoes; athletic uniforms; babies' pants; ballet slippers; baseball caps; baseball caps and hats; baseball shoes; baseball uniforms; basketball sneakers; bathing suits; bathing suits for men; bathing trunks; bathrobes; beach footwear; beach shoes; beanies; belts; belts for clothing; belts made from imitation leather; belts of textile; bicycle gloves; bikinis; board shorts; body shirts; body suits; boot cuffs; boot uppers; boots; boots for motorcycling; boots for sport; bowling shoes; boxer briefs; boxing shoes; boxing shorts; braces; bras; brassieres; briefs; briefs; button down shirts; caftans; camouflage gloves; camouflage jackets; camouflage pants; camouflage shirts; camouflage vests; camp shirts; cap visors; capri pants; capris; caps; caps with visors; cargo pants; children's and infant's apparel, namely, jumpers, overall sleepwear, pajamas, rompers and one-piece garments; children's headwear; climbing boots; climbing footwear; climbing shoes; clothing for athletic use, namely, padded pants; clothing for athletic use, namely, padded shirts; clothing for athletic use, namely, padded shorts; clothing for wear in judo practices; clothing for wear in wrestling games; clothing items, namely, adhesive pockets that may be affixed directly to the body as a decorative piece of clothing with utility; clothing, namely, base layers; clothing, namely, maternity bands; clothing, namely, neck tubes; clothing, namely, wrap-arounds; coats; coats for men and women; collared shirts; collars; crew neck sweaters; crew necks; cross-country mittens; cuffs; cycling shorts; dance shoes; dance slippers; deck-shoes; denim jackets; denims; disposable slippers; dress pants; dress straps; drivers; ear bands; earbands; embossed soles and heels of rubber or of plastic materials; evening dresses; fabric belts; fishermen's jackets; fishing shirts; fishing vests; fitted shoe or boot covering to protect the shoes or boot from water or other damage; fitted swimming costumes with bra cups; fleece shorts; fleece tops; flight suits; flip flops; football shoes; footwear; footwear for men; footwear for men and women; footwear for track and field athletics; footwear for women; footwear made of vinyl; footwear uppers; gaiters; gloves; gloves as clothing; gloves including those made of skin, hide or fur; golf caps; golf shirts; golf shoes; golf trousers; graphic t-shirts; gym boots; gym pants; gym shorts; gym suits; gymnastic shoes; handball shoes; hatbands; hats; head scarves; head sweatbands; headbands; headbands against sweating; headwear; heavy coats; heavy jackets; heelpieces for stockings; hiking boots; hiking jackets; hip-guards especially made for fishing; hockey shoes; hooded pullovers; hooded sweat shirts; hooded sweatshirts; horse-riding boots; hunting boots; hunting jackets; hunting pants; hunting shirts; hunting vests; infant wear; infants' shoes and boots; infants' trousers; insoles; insoles for footwear; jackets; jackets and socks; japanese footwear of rice straw (waraji); japanese toe-strap sandals (asaura-zori); jeans; jerseys; jogging outfits; jogging pants; jump suits; jumpsuits; karate suits; kerchiefs; knitted caps; knitted underwear; lab coats; ladies' boots; ladies' suits; ladies' underwear; leather belts; leather coats; leather headwear; leather jackets; leather pants; leather shoes; leg shapers; leg shielding device, attachable to and detachable from a person's pants, comprised of padding to shield the legs from flying debris when mowing with a string trimmer; leg warmers; leg-warmers; leggings; leisure shoes; leisure suits; light-reflecting coats; light-reflecting jackets; lingerie; long jackets; long sleeved vests; long-sleeved shirts; martial arts uniforms; martial arts uniforms, namely, gis; maternity bras; men's dress socks; men's socks; men's suits; men's suits, women's suits; mixed martial arts suits; moccasins; moisture-wicking sports bras; moisture-wicking sports pants; moisture-wicking sports shirts; motorcycle gloves; motorcycle jackets; motorcycle rain suits; motorcyclist boots; mountaineering boots; muscle tops; neck bands; neck gaiters; neckties; nipple covers, namely, pasties; nurse overalls; nurse pants; open-necked shirts; outer jackets; over-trousers; overcoats; padded jackets; padding jackets; pajamas; panties, shorts and briefs; pants; parkas; patient slippers; pelerines; perspiration absorbent underwear clothing; petti-pants; pleated skirts for formal kimonos (hakama); pocket kerchiefs; pockets for clothing; polo shirts; ponchos; protective neck and arm guards made of neoprene or other materials to prevent wetsuit chafing; race number belts that hold a paper number on the race participant's front or back during competition; rain boots; rain slickers; rain suits; rain wear; rainproof jackets; rash guards; rash vests; ready-made linings being parts of clothing; reversible jackets; riding shoes
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