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Acceptable Use Policy
This document sets out the acceptable use policy of Applied Marks ("Applied Marks", "We", "Us" or "Our") which We require you ("You", "Your") to comply with in order to receive the services.

You may not use our Services:
  • to breach the law;
  • to cause (directly or indirectly) damage to any persons property;
  • in connection with prohbited or potentially prohibited content (as defined under the law);
  • in connection with restricted content (as defined under the law);
  • in connection with discrimination;
  • in connection with obscene, defamatory, offensive, abusive or illegal purposes;
  • in connection with an infringement or third party rights; or
  • in connection with spam, hacking or other similar activities.
In any of the above circumstances, or any other circumstances in which We reasonably believe Our reputation may be harmed, We may immediately cease providing the Services to you without further notice.

If a potential infringement of this Acceptable Use Policy comes to your attention, you should report such matters to
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