The industry leading, white-label solution for online trade mark search and registration services.

About Applied Marks

Applied Marks was founded in 2008 and provides the industry leading end-to-end solution for brand protection and portfolio management, including global trademark, domain name and social media search and registration.

The Applied Marks System is designed to be branded to your firm and customized to suit your business process.

We make brand protection easy.

Applied Marks at a glance

Full service, cloud hosted, brand protection

Earn commission when your clients use our complete online brand search, registration and management system across multiple countries and asset types.

Fast, “no code” integration

Simple integration ready to start now.

Typical full featured integration measured in minutes, not days.

Cut and paste is all that’s required to get started.

Increase traffic and engagement with Search

Attract new traffic by providing state-of-the-art brand search tools directly on your website.

Create millions of search optimized pages with our brand directory, ready to be hosted directly within your existing website.

Real-time dashboard reporting

Measure performance with real-time dashboard reporting.

Unbranded options with web-based configuration

Refer clients to our site or use our unbranded solution, with full web-based control over the look a feel.

White label client portal

With Applied Marks your clients can, optionally, enjoy a secure portal to review their portfolio of trademarks, domain names and social media.

Monitoring, alerts and reports can all be stored directly in the client portal, ready for access at any time.

On demand portfolio budget estimates using your defined fee structure (and changing as your pricing and filing networks update).

Getting started

We’d be delighted to welcome you as an Affiliate or Reseller of Applied Marks – making the move is quick and painless.

If you’ve got an existing website and brand protection service we recommend first exploring how to best leverage the Applied Marks System within your existing process.

Next steps

If you have further questions or would like to arrange a demonstration of any aspect of the Applied Marks System, please contact us.
Australia: +61 (3) 9005 9380
United Kingdom: +44 (0) 20 3286 2753
New Zealand: +64 (4) 889 0002

We look forward to assisting you.